Species of fish - best fishing times
In Eidsfjord, a lot of cod, tusk and redfish is taken all year long. The same can be said of haddock.

During the fall and autumn (June - October), there is a lot of saithe in the fjord, attracted by the schools of herring. The smaller saithe are normally found high in the sea, while the larger ones are deeper.

In this season there is also a lot of pollack to be had; it can be fished - just as tusk and redfish - in deeper water.

The arctic catfish is also present, as are both halibut and flounder, which are normally fished during June - December. During the summer season, mackerel and herring enter the fjord. Eidsfjord is also well suited to trolling for salmon and sea trout which are also to be found here.

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