The village of Guvåg is located in a fishing eldorado on picturesque Eidsfjord. This fjord was especially well known during the turn of the last century for the tremendous quantity of herring that was taken each autumn.

But the frenetic herring fishing resulted in depletion of resources, and the herring disappeared. After many years of fishing restrictions, the herring has returned to Eidsfjord, and the fjord is once again rich in fish.

Several of the best fishing spots are located just outside the harbour at Guvåg, and one does not need to go far to haul in big fish. Guvåg is surrounded by three fjords: Jørgenfjord to the west, Eidsfjord in the south, and Hellfjord to the east. During periods of inclement weather, one thereby has alternatives by which to vary fishing locations, depending on the wind direction. Eidsfjord, the largest of the fjords, has both deep and shallow fishing areas.

The water of the fjord is relatively clean, with few underwater skerries. The vertically divided fisherman's shanty is nicely placed near the harbour and the floating pier, with a small café as its closest neighbour. The ideal fishing environment, where fishermen can truly enjoy their sport.

Seaside Lodge - Boats for hire

Guvåg Båt- og Sjøhusutleie
N-8475 Straumsjøen

Telephone (+47) 950 53 050